Home educated and highly individual, Chloe has spent her life exploring creative expression.  She has studied dance, piano, violin, acting and voice. She is always seeking to expand her repertoire with novel length stories, plays and screenplays for film.  Venturing into the realm of acting by joining Theatre WV has enabled her to combine her love of dance, singing and live stage performance.  A career in music continues to be her number one pursuit with constant desire to share songs with new audiences and make recordings that capture her vision.


Although talented in many other aspects, Bryce's abilities on the drums are remarkable. He received his first drum set at age 3 and was quickly able to keep up with his dad's electric guitar while adding his own flair. He has been performing publicly for close to 10 years and added percussion to his church praise band as a teen. Always seeking to grow and master more, he now rounds out his sound with bongos, conga, rhythm instruments and a cajon. As the oldest of four, Bryce was first to have musical and  writing ambitions and is currently pursuing a degree in Sociology at Concord University while continuing to perform regularly.



Inspired song writing and impassioned delivery have made Verdeant a refreshing surprise to audiences, performing a blend of folk, modern and original music. Listeners are amazed by their powerful execution and depth of feeling as they easily navigate a wide range of stylistic approaches. Verdeant puts on a show that can be at times reverent, tender, playful, or full-on fierce. It is not uncommon to witness audiences become transfixed once the music begins. And while their shows always include inventive takes on classics and popular favorites, it is inevitably their original songs that please the crowds most.

Chloe, front man to the band, got an early start on the stage and can boast five years as a professional singer. Striving in every situation to create music that is compelling and relevant, she has been fortunate to collaborate with talented musicians including her older brother, singer and percussionist, Bryce Painter. The duo now blend their voices in sibling harmony along with an energetic combo of keyboard and drums. 

Piano driven and richly worded, the music offered is unlike anything audiences typically encounter.  Chloe goes beyond keyboarding to create intricate and lovely piano melodies.  Bryce takes an innovative approach to his percussion, supporting and punctuating each song with his original rhythms. Weaving lush bass and alto harmonies, the brother/sister pairing is vibrant on stage. They are born storytellers and unusually gifted singers, enabling them to meld meaning with a high level of entertainment. 

Verdeant has been featured at numerous venues including the West Virginia State Fair Sprint Center Stage, The Empty Glass which has been listed as one of the “1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” Wythville VA's Draper Mercantile,  Pipestem Resort and State Park's amphitheater series, Southern WV's Tamarack 20th Anniversary Gala, Beckley's Chili Night and Charleston WV's FestivALL.  Their first EP album is now available on Amazon music and all streaming services.

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